Sustainable Development

Future Rehabilitation

Moreton Resources is an Australian group of companies seeking to enter the operating resources sector, and as such through its Board and Management structures, offers well over 50 years of combined mining experience.

Through our subsidiaries, Moreton Resources recognises the scenic, ecological and economic value of these areas and we take our environmental responsibilities seriously both currently and in the future, whilst remaining committed to our company issues of the past.

What does rehabilitating mining land involve?

Progressive rehabilitation restores the surface after open cut mining and integrates it with the original landscape in parallel with ongoing mining activities, rather than waiting until the operation is completed.

Progressive rehabilitation is a possible option for our Kingaroy project and as such, if viable, offers the following benefits:

  • Early re-establishment of native vegetation
  • Different age and species composition that improves biodiversity of rehabilitated areas
  • Early re-colonisation and use of previously mined areas by native fauna
  • Agreed performance criteria can be monitored and measured to identify areas for improvement
  • Minimisation of erosion and potential air pollution from dust emissions by earlier rehabilitation of cleared areas
  • Early establishment of a table and free-draining final landform