Community Engagement

Through its subsidiary MRV Metals, Moreton Resources believes in its commitment to the community through open, transparent and honest communication with the intent to build trust and respect with all parties. This means acknowledging differences, letting all parties form their own views, and ultimately supporting outcomes that benefit the majority whilst ensuring impacts are minimised.

Our activities have an important socioeconomic impact on the community, and with this comes responsibilities to build and maintain high levels of engagement. This includes open dialogue with all stakeholders in order to understand all points of view, and to ensure this continues through all stages of development within all of our potential operations. Our community ethos looks to:

  • Support community issues and concerns that are genuine and representative of the community
  • Ensure MRV Metals  is responsive in mitigating issues that may arise
  • Proactively work with stakeholders to contribute to our decision making
  • Respect the views of the community
  • Buy local and employ local, focusing on capacity building within the Granite Belt region

We intend to provide all stakeholders with a wide range of information and facts though our information sessions, meetings, correspondence and websites. Our aim is to inform and educate you on our business and its activities, and to ensure we understand what matters to you. Specifically, we want to understand the potential impacts our operations may have and how we can work closely together to ensure we co-exist in a way that benefits all. In April of 2017 MRV Metals opened its head office in Granite Belt region, our first priority is engagement with the local community, and this will form the first-step for the Company in moving forward.

Through MRV Metals, we believe our operations will enhance the substantial contribution that industry has made and continues to make to the Granite Belt region, allowing for the establishment of a higher level of sustainable social, and economic activity in the region.

Community Feedback

The Company spends a lot of time in the regional communities within which it seeks to operate. This is primarily through our direct staff or contractors who are there not only to advance the technical merits of the project, but also to be ambassadors for our company, engaging and discussing our intentions and the benefit of our proposals with the community.

On that basis, we do receive and respond to community feedback on a regular basis whether it be through direct face-to-face contact, or through inquiries made to our office, we seek to address concerns and feedback in a timely manner. This has led to our Executive Chairman & CEO giving multiple briefings and answering many emails in regards to all of our projects, ensuring that all stakeholders and community members have the facts and are well informed. We seek to always operate in a transparent and open manner, be it with Community, Government or our Shareholders, and this will be no different for the Granite Belt Project. Now that we have secured this exciting and prospective tenement area, our programs of engagement will be forthcoming in the following months.