Social and Economic Contributions

Each of the regional Queensland areas where our subsidiaries hold tenements have a history of mining, in particular coal mining, which we see as a strategic advantage. This includes the world renowned Bowen Basin, where we have our premier Asset in MacKenzie EPC1445, the Tarong Basin where we have the Kingaroy MDL 385 and the Surat Basin where we have the Wandoan Asset in MDL 420.

As each of these communities and regions are aware, these potential mining operations provide local jobs and support local businesses, also allowing for the creation of new business opportunities. The mining & energy sector is one of the largest single providers of jobs in the Bowen Basin and Tarong Basin Regions both directly and indirectly.

Moreton Resources equally, through its own core beliefs, remains committed to providing local jobs and local opportunities at each stage of its potential project development.

Should our proposed projects be supported and proven commercially viable, our proposed operations will:

  • Provide a reliable supply of competitively priced coal for both the PCI Export Markets (Mackenzie Project) and thermal coal for the local Power Generation Markets (Tarong Basin Project) for up to 20 plus years
  • Potentially assist in keeping the feed stock pricing for Power Generation down in the regional areas in which our product is suitable
  • Create and sustain hundreds of jobs for the life of each project
  • Make efficient use of existing infrastructure and maximise the use of local businesses and services within the current mining regions
  • Ensure adherence to environmental and eco-friendly practices and processes are maintained and promoted, thereby supporting and protecting the local environment and ensuring co-existence with our communities and land holders benefit all

Power Generation Cost

Our Kingaroy asset could be a feedstock for local power generation, and if demonstrated to be commercially superior, it may prove to be an important source of power for the region & the state.

The proposed project has considerable approval processes to go through, as well as continuing to prove it is the most superior commercial option within the region. This will allow a commercially focused operator, be it Government or Private enterprise, to consider the merits of supporting a new mining operation in the region, thereby generating considerable social and economic benefits to the South Burnett and Wide Bay region.

Boosting the Local Economy

As we continue to advance our proposed mining ventures in the Queensland regions, we believe we can potentially provide hundreds of millions of dollars in social benefits to communities, governments, and businesses within the regions.


Over the life of the proposed mines, benefits will directly flow to:

  • The Commonwealth Government through company taxes and other forms of tax including PAYG from a sizable workforce
  • The QLD Government through considerable royalties and other tax payments, which will sustain and promote growth within the economy
  • Local Governments through local rates and charges, along with our commitment to local employment, and our support and approach to running our operations with a local focus.

Should these projects progress to mining operations, Moreton Resources is committed to continuing to provide local jobs and will prioritise local service providers when awarding contracts, where they offer equivalent cost and quality. Progression to commissioned mining operations is reliant upon legislative processes but equally our commitments to co-existence with the local communities.