Environmental issues, whether they be past, current or future, are all taken extremely seriously by Moreton Resources, and as such we actively promote sustainable mining through contemporary, highly legislated frameworks, in proven and safe mineral extraction technologies. Of more recent times, the Board and Executive have made the decision to move away from development technologies and focus on core mining activities.

The company prides itself on the advancement of the Kingaroy Environmental Authority, the fact it has clearly stated its intent to not pursue UCG Technologies and that it has moved within a 12 month period to decommission, dismantle and scap its prior trial technologies. The Board and Management take full responsibility for the company’s history, and since the new direction via strong and proven leadership in late 2013, our current and future commitment to operating within proven industries is unwavering and our commitment to not only own but resolve the historical issues is also apparent.

Minimising Impacts on the Environment

Environmental protection and consideration is an important part of our day-to-day business and is a major focus within any aspiring mining operation within Australia. Whilst our Board and Management have a long history in the creation of mining industry frameworks not only in Australia, but internationally as well, the rigor and legislative oversight that pertains to Australian operations, is a basic ethos to operating anywhere in the world.

Consequently, we also have a number of measures which we follow in order to minimise the environmental impacts of our proposed mining operations no matter where we operate. These concepts and experiences are fundamental to the way we operate as they allow us to rehabilitate any future operations to establish stable landforms which are compatible with the surrounding landscape.

From a pit mining point of view, projects such as our Tarong Basin MDL are proposed to only cover a small part of the total MDL. This would protect the strategic cropping lands and also potentially provide a strategic advantage, as opposed to other larger footprint operations or proposals.

What would we do to reduce environmental impacts?


As with the mine planning and design phase of any project, a number of optimal mine plans will be proposed which will consider several alternatives to avoid impacts on:

  • All surrounding population and habitat for Furner (located around the footprint)
  • Farming and strategic cropping lands and potential areas of economic value to landowners.

In addition to avoidance of significant environmental areas we would seek to:

  • Minimise disturbance of native vegetation during construction and prior to mining operations
  • Maintain and extend successful current rehabilitation practices from within the industry
  • Maintain and extend successful current weed management and monitoring practices from throughout the industry

A progressive rehabilitation strategy, if possible by Moreton Resources will minimise the impact by filling the open cut void area immediately after mining a section, which may avoid the use of extensive out of pit dumping areas which would create additional disturbance.