How does a biodiversity offset work?

Through our subsidiaries, Moreton Resources will seek to secure or partner with an appropriate entity to conserve areas surrounding our operations with similar flora and fauna to that found in the areas that will be disturbed.

Our investment in the proposed mining areas will not only be through the employment and training of locals in management and protection; however, we also aim to enhance such areas through the provision of equipment and infrastructure. Working in partnership with the Government and local groups who share our interest and obligation to protect and promote the sustainability of our environments, we believe we can further support these surrounding communities.


Water impacts

Any proposed mining activity will have impacts upon water sources and as such, significant hydro-geology studies will be completed and assessed to determine the least impact upon natural water aquifers and tables to allow the environment and the rural landowners who also rely upon this scarce resource to remain unaffected, or only partially impacted.

These considerations are highly regulated and legislated, which will be a major consideration in any EIS and project advancement be it either at MacKenzie or the Kingaroy project. However as we know in the Tarong Basin, close proximity open cut mining has been taking place for over 30 years without significant detrimental impacts to water in the area due to effective water management.

Each of the proposed subsidiary operations would seek to have a negligible impact on water resources. After any mining activity has finished, the objective is to restore the land to a free draining and stable land form.