MDL 385



The Tarong Basin Thermal Coal Project (MDL 385) is located approximately 10 km south of Kingaroy in southeast Queensland’s South Burnett Region. MDL 385 is situated approximately 20 kilometres north of the Tarong Power Station, and is adjacent to the Kunioon Coal Project (MDL 201).

For more information on this project, visit the Tarong Basin Thermal Coal Project website.

Project Overview


The Tarong Basin Thermal Coal Project is targeting the Late Triassic aged Tarong Beds, of which the Kunioon and Goodger coal seams are the economic targets. These seams have been identified as thermal quality coal suitable for use in coal-fired power stations. Preliminary mine concept studies indicate that the deposit is potentially suitable for an open cut mining operation. The thickness of overburden above the uppermost coal seam, the Kunioon Seam, ranges from approximately 70 m  to 205 m.

Mine Concept Study

* Link to ASX Announcement  – Kingaroy Mine Concept Study

A high-level Mine Concept Study carried out in July 2014 indicates the potential for an open cut dragline and/or shovel and truck mining operation with a potential life of mine of over 30 years. The production capacity is estimated to be in the order of 5 Mt per annum run-of-mine coal over an average strip ratio of less than 7:1 (1 BCM waste to 1 tonne coal) over the life of mine.

Project Objectives