Employee Value Proposition

Moreton Resources Limited Group of Companies is an environmentally friendly, community based, low cost commodity producer within the Australian Mining Sector.

Our core values and beliefs are fundamental to the way in which we operate, and our employees are committed to assisting us achieve these:

  • An uncompromised commitment to safety and the environment
  • Treat all with Fairness and Respect
  • Deliver through Team Work
  • Through our actions, positively contribute to the communities in which we operate
  • Act with Honesty and Integrity in all our dealing
  • Committed to being a Results Focused Organization
  • We acknowledge our history, and the history of the traditional owners, regions, communities and cultures to which we seek to coexist with.

In return we provide a work environment that offers:

A workplace culture that has:

  • An uncompromised commitment to safety and the environment.
  • A collective vision and purpose which is shared by all employees.
  • Effective and positive management and leadership at all levels.
  • An open and collaborative communication framework which fosters honesty and integrity in all our dealings.
  • Individuals work autonomously, focus on continuous improvements opportunities and are deliver results.

During your employment you will be provided with work content which provides variety, challenge and autonomy. Personnel will be multi-skilled to allow flexibility and growth within the organisation and will achieve benefits such as:

  • Job Rotation
  • Career Advancement
  • Improvement problem solving and continuous improvement

The Moreton Resources Limited group of Companies provide a excellent foundation for Career Management through the establishment of a structured:

  • Learning and Development framework that not only focus on Training for the current position but the establishment of skills, knowledge and abilities acquisition for employees for long term growth within the company.
  • Succession Planning and Talent Management programs have been designed to support employment security and advancement which is heavily supported to achieve advancement within the company and personal growth.

The company provides a range of benefits which are tailored to meet the needs of each individual employees including:

  • A range of Work Arrangements which provide employees flexibility for employees around family commitments.
  • Partnership with a range of providers to facilitate access for employees to key benefits:
    • Superannuation Funds which provides access to a range of Health Benefits.
    • Novated Lease for employees to access a range of lease options for motor vehicles.
    • Employee Assistance Program for employees and their families
    • Educational Support Program for employees personal development and growth.

Our Total Reward Program provides for a Fair and Equitable framework which is based on a:

  • Base Salary that is reviewed in accordance with industry and regional benchmarks.
  • Incentive Program that rewards individuals and teams for the achievement of business objectives.
  • Work Locations that provide for affordable living.
  • Career Path, Performance and Training which provides for advancement and security within the one employer.

If you have not spoken to us already about how we can support your career, we would love to hear from you.

Phone: 07 4653 1769

Email:    humanresources@moretonresources.com.au