Community Engagement

Through our subsidiaries, Moreton Resources believes in our commitment to the community through open, transparent and honest communication, with the intent to build trust and respect with all parties. This means acknowledging differences, letting all parties form their own views, ensuring any impacts are minimised, and ultimately supporting the overall outcomes that benefit the majority.

Our activities have an important socioeconomic impact on the local community and with this comes responsibility.

With the aim of building a high level of engagement, we have an open dialogue with all stakeholders in order to understand all points of view, and this will continue through all stages of our development at all of our potential operations. Our ethos aims to:

  • Support community issues or concerns that are genuine and representative of the community.
  • Ensure Moreton Resources is responsive in mitigating issues that may arise.
  • Proactively work with stakeholders to contribute to our decision making.
  • Respect the views of the community.

We will continue to provide all stakeholders with a wide range of information and facts though our websites, information sessions, meetings, and correspondence, all of which aims to inform and educate you on our business and its activities.

We work in partnership with the community to ensure we understand what matters to you, the potential impacts our operations may have, and how we can co-exist in a manner which benefits all as we progress our projects within a highly regulated industry.