About Us

Board and Management

The Directors have the following backgrounds and credentials which will enable the Company to advance its strategic aspirations, whilst ensuring it protects the shareholders and Company through superior Corporate Governance.


Alexander Jason Elksmt-aje

CEO & Executive Chairman

Mr Elks’ most recent role was as Vice President with Rio Tinto, based in Montreal, managing the People and Organisation support areas throughout North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. Prior to this, Jason held senior roles with LGL, Zinifex, OneSteel and Kodak Australasia.

Mr Elks has extensive operational and corporate experience within large global companies as well as smaller national enterprises. His commodity experience includes coal, iron ore, zinc, lead and gold, along with a history in oil and gas exploration and heavy industry manufacturing.


Valeri Melik-Babakhanovccp_058

Executive Director

Mr Melik prior to 2016 held a position of General Manager of Technical Services and has significant history with the Company, joining the Company in 2008, and an intricate knowledge of the Assets currently managed by the Company. Mr Melik holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical Power Systems and Networks from the State Oil Academy in Azerbaijan (former AZINEFTECHIM USSR) which was recognised and endorsed by the Institution of Engineers Australia. In addition to this, Mr Melik holds a Master of Engineering (Electrical) from RMIT University and other qualifications pertaining to Analogue and Microprocessor Based Digital Computer and Communication Equipment, and electro-mechanics.


Tony Feitelsontf

Non-Executive Director

Mr Feitelson has had an association with Moreton Resources Ltd since 2013, being a significant shareholder of the Company. Mr Feitelson holds a degree in Architecture and retired as a practicing Architect several years ago. Mr Feitelson is a director of a number of private companies owning retail, commercial, industrial, and farming properties.